Best Rainbow Fidget Spinners of 2019

Fidget Spinners are here to stay. New and seasoned spinners alike are drawn to the beauty of a spinning rainbow fidget spinner.

Best Choice

You’re in for a dazzling light show once this rainbow fidget spinner gets going. It’s traditional design gives it a natural feel. A long spin time of up to 5 minutes and rainbow colors results in wonderful, mesmerizing patterns. Constructed of heavy, shiny metal this spinner is sure to entertain for hours.

Best Small Spinner

Fantastic little spinner. With a long spin time thanks to premium replaceable bearings this mini rainbow spinner is discrete and quiet. A great fit for small hands or those who are looking to spin without attention.

Best Package Set

What’s better than one rainbow fidget spinner? Seven rainbow fidget spinners! Great for spinners who love the light show of a rainbow spinner and want variety. These metal spinners each come in their own case and offer 2+ minute spin times.

Best Package Set Rainbow Fidget Spinner

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